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Josh McKenna also graduated last year, from Falmouth University. His work is inspired by the tropical lifestyle by using a range of shapes, textures, an asymmetrical layout and a pastel colour pallet. His clients include: Converse, MTV, Wired (UK, Italy and Germany) and The Observer.

Josh uses ‘Instagram’ to find art directors and other creatives. By following them, they get a chance to see a collection of your work and creative process. Which may be more beneficial than emailing art directors. However he does send a lot of emails too because it is important to update potential clients with what he has been working on.





Keep up to date with Josh’s recent work here:





Fernando Volken Togni graduated in 2009 from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS), in Brazil. He now lives in London and has built up a desirable collection of clients that include: Little White Lies,  M&S and Hermés. His compositions are mainly pattern based and feature brightly coloured cityscapes as well as people, food and animals.

Fernando is always updating his website with new projects to keep it fresh and alive. It is also important to include your agent’s contact details on your website because it allows potential clients to see your digital portfolio on the agencies website as well as a way to get in touch with you, f you are represented by an agency. He has contacted a lot of clients that he wanted to work with in the past but now he finds most of his work through his agency, MP Arts.


Check out Fernando’s illustrations here:


Here is the link for the five videos from Computer Arts:

Whether clients find illustrators through their website or social media platforms, it is evident that  the page has to be constantly updated with work in progress, an assortment of rough sketches and sketchbook pages as well as finished projects. It is surprising that despite the numerous digital platforms there is for us to present our portfolios on, it seems like the only way to stand out against the competition is by sending art directors a physical portfolio of work. The internet and social media will continually evolve and improve in upcoming years and we will always be absorbed. However in the future, there could be a lot of physical portfolios getting send to clients and we will go offline. For a short time.






Computer Arts, (2016). Get the right clients for you. Available at: [Accessed 27 Dec. 2016].


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