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The future of social media may be unknown but the only thing that is clear is that it is not going anywhere. It has been around since the early stages of communication and those original forms of social media have evolved and developed along with technology into what we are consumed by today. It has not always been known as an ideal form of communication but in the last couple of years Facebook has introduced a video call option and apps like Snapchat and Vine have encouraged us to communicate through images and short videos. Could social networks be on the way to advocating the need for face to face, human interaction without our numerous screens?

“Glue” is a new and upcoming app that has been developed by a group of creatives from University of Arts London. “Glue” will function similarly to “Tinder’”which is an app that allows users to meet new people, make friends or begin dating by presenting the user with males or females within their location. If the user decides that they would like to begin a conversation with a male or female they swipe right. However if they are not interested in communicating with that person then they would swipe left. “Glue” will work in a similar manner, where an uninspired artist can find fellow creatives to meet and collaborate with using the swiping technique on Tinder. However instead of uploading a few pictures of yourself, it will likely be pictures of your artwork. The team are currently raising their presence with a social media guerrilla campaign on ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’. “Glue” has the potential to become very successful within the art community, especially with art students. Something that has to be clarified is that its not intentionally created to be a dating app for artists which may put people off. Once it has launched and been active for a few months it could be a successful tool in inspiring artists who are suffering from ‘creative block’ or communicating and gaining feedback. Illustrators can often find themselves working on projects alone in the studio or at home and things can often feel quite introverted. “Glue” will give us a chance to step away from all of the screens and interact face to face.


Find out more about ‘Glue’ here:





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