In February 2013, Jean Jullien opened his show titled ‘Allo?’ at the Kemistry Gallery in East London. The exhibition presents human interaction in modern life and our bleak relationship with social media, communication and technology. In particular how we use them in our day to day life and how social media and technology are taking over, everyone is hooked. Each image is incredibly relatable and they initially make you laugh. When you realise that this is something that we do and see everyday,  it is actually quite morbid.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 05.14.22

Jean Jullien’s Instagram account is a tremendous place to see his daily commentaries on everyday life. Each uploaded image ranges from being a simple brush and ink drawing, or an illustrated banana, to a large sculpture.

You become drawn into Jean’s fearlessly depicted characters and scenarios that work whether they are two dimensional or displayed on a bathtub. It feels like a personal yet humorous visual diary.  The mix of materials and objects, subjects and surroundings, loose drawings on sketchbook pages or polished finished pieces will be an inspiration and motivation to create something. As entertaining and light hearted as Jean’s images appear, the underlying reality and occasional morbidity of everyday life and issues are always present.


Brighten your day and check out Jean’s Instagram:






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